60 Day Blogging and Content Creation Challenge

Blogging: why a business blog is so important

What we ultimately want from our website is getting people to find us. Lets explore blogging and why a business blog is so important. Through regular blogging we can increase the chance of being found, giving us an opportunity to offer some kind of value that will encourage a visitor to act on our call to action.

Attracting traffic to your website

There are a number of options available to achieve this, from paid for ads to buying mailing lists. The drawback with paid ads is they only work for as long as you pay, once you stop, so do the leads. Buying mailing lists is just not an option, can lead to a negative impact on your brand, and are possibly illegal too.

The most effective alternative is blogging. Derived from the word Weblog, it’s a regularly updated journal or diary, offering something of value that will attract visitors and regular followers.

Your website is generally made up of static pages, such as an About Us page, or a Projects page and so on. This type of content usually doesn’t need regular updating, and as a result not much happens on your website unless you blog regularly.

Increase your search rankings

Blogging, social media interactions and using search engines, drives traffic to your site. With each blog post published, you are adding another indexed page to your website. By actively blogging, search engines such as Google will start regularly checking your site for new content, driving up your rankings.

In a study conducted by Hubspot it was established that the more pages indexed by Google lead to a substantial increase in lead growth.

Increasing Google Indexed Pages by 50-100 Causes Double-Digit Lead Growth: Our analysis of over 1,400 firms shows a clear positive relationship between pages indexed by Google and the leads a company generates; companies with more indexed pages tend to generate more leads. Source: Hubspot

 Converting this traffic into leads

Once you start building a steady flow of traffic, it’s time to make the most of it.

With each post there is an opportunity for a call to action, making it a great way to generate new leads. Your call to action could be an offer of a free trial product, or a catalogue or information sheet. Something of value that will encourage a visitor to give you their information.

The call to action will lead your visitor to another page where they have an opportunity to enter their information in exchange for your offer.

Whats next?

Starting a blog can be daunting, and often there isn’t anyone in the organisation that is skilled enough or has the time for it. To be done effectively, it needs to be regular, informative and relevant to your industry. HOTarabica offer a range of content marketing options ideally suited to your business. Contact Us for a custom made plan that can effectively promote your brand.




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