Content Marketing is the new way to promote your brand

Promoting Your Brand Using Content Marketing

We need to keep up with fast changing trends, the new emphasis being on Inform instead of Sell. It would seem logical then that promoting your brand using content marketing is essential, and why a business blog is so important.

Today, marketers are investing more time and money in creating great content. It is estimated that 25% of all marketers now allocate over half of their budget towards this. It’s no surprise that this is the case, with an estimated two thirds of buyers now beginning their journey on-line.

Promoting Your Brand Using Content Marketing

Content marketers are playing an increasing role when it comes to building on-line brands. This drive towards engagement, and audience growth is all about raising brand awareness.

As businesses start adopting this new way of promoting, more and more money will be allocated to content marketing and on-line brand awareness.

As we become more consumed with social engagement and content rich data, a host of social listening tools are being developed to help us manage our various on-line persona’s. With all this new data being generated, we need to make some kind of sense of it all. Specialised, custom dashboards to manage the various analytic tools are all about creating content for maximum visibility and accountability.

Many companies are also choosing to move away from in-office content marketing. Outsourcing to a specialist content marketer ensures a neutral, objective view, that could otherwise be biased to their product or service.

A shift in social media

There is a growing trend to focus more on high engagement channels such as LinkedIn and Google+ with less emphasis on the massive consumer oriented channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This offers an opportunity to present quality content together with advanced search engine optimisation.

What does this all mean to us?

The bottom line is that there are no tricks or short-cuts to improving search rankings. Quality content that is value driven will consistently outperform anything else.

Add to this mix specific keywords that people will search for, and you are well on your way to being found, encouraging interaction and engagement.

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Source Material: Content Marketing Institute

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