The Best Way to Organise your Digital Photos

The Best Way to Organise your Digital Photos

The way we manage our hundreds of photos is becoming a lot simpler and more intuitive. With countless apps and services out there it can be confusing though. Lets explore the best way to organise your digital photos.

There are some great tools now to make life a little bit easier, and one of them really stands out: Google Photos.

This one has to be my favourite, probably because I’m a huge evangelist for all things Google. Then again they are the service to beat at the moment, with all the others playing catch-up.

The Best Way to Organise your Digital Photos

The Best Way to Organise your Digital Photos

Google Photos offers one home for all your images and videos, from all your devises. Sync your account to automatically back up from your phone, laptop or other devices. I have mine set to update only when Wi-Fi is available, to save on data.

Find photos by what’s in them, either by the place you took them, or the category Google recognises, like Dog or Sunglasses. Another fun feature is the way Google transforms photos into stories, like the animated gifs from a series of 5 or more photos.

On upload, images are organised by location and time through the metadata stored on the photos. This allows for specific searches of places, people, and animals.

If you are happy with some resizing of your photos, you get unlimited storage. Otherwise you get 15GB at no charge, with 1TB available at $9.99 a month, with even more plans to choose from.

The free, unlimited option, your photos get resized to 16 megapixels and videos to 1080p. For most of us that’s pretty much ok.

Other Services Available

Briefly, some of the other top services available are:

  • Dropbox and Carousel
  • Flickr
  • OneDrive
  • iCloud

With the cloud it has never been easier to store and access your favourite moments anywhere and from any device. We can only imagine the exciting developments still to come with a new app seeming to be launched every other day.

What is your favourite go-to app?

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