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7 Social Media Mistakes

It has been a number of years now since businesses started integrating more and more with social media. One of the main driving factors of this is that everyone is on social, and it just can’t be ignored!

For many companies, it has been a difficult road, and many are still missing the mark with their social marketing strategy. Here are 7 Social Media Mistakes in marketing from TNW News and how to improve your online marketing strategy.

7 Social Media Mistakes HOTarabica Web Developers Durban KZN

Retention v Acquisition

You will see much higher return in the time, effort and money you spend on social if you focus on fostering stronger existing customer relationships and loyalty.

Don’t Try Be Everywhere

Know who your ideal customer is, and focus on where to best engage with them, rather than trying to be everywhere at once. Rather, focus on building better relationships, truly understanding where your most powerful customers are networking

Shotgun Approach

Trying to be everywhere is also showing you don’t understand who you are catering for, or just don’t care. Know your ideal customer, so that you can convert them to your ideal fan or follower.

Let social become second nature

Building social into your product or service experience should be at the core of your strategy rather than an add-on afterthought.

Social is not anonymous

You should be aiming to connect one on one, have conversations with individuals.

Think like a customer

Make your customer feel special, rather than engaging for the sake of it.

Every fan is unique

Treat your fans as individuals, understand which ones to prioritise by influence or lifetime value.

To summarise, don’t try to be everything to everyone. As in life, treat your fans as you would want to be treated as a fan or customer.

When you get a positive reaction from a fan, analyse why and encourage them to share their experience. Learn from the negative reactions too, and turn them into a positive spin on social media, showing you do listen and care. After all, word of mouth is still the most effective method of marketing, and that’s what social media is. On steroids.

Article Source: TNW (The Next Web)

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