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Keeping Your LinkedIn Account Secure

Keeping Your LinkedIn Account Secure

When last did you review your privacy and security settings on LinkedIn? Like everything else you do online, it’s equally important to be aware of your security and privacy settings on their network.

Let’s have a look at some options available to manage our security.

Your Privacy and Security Settings

Ideally you want your personal profile secure, while still being visible online. LinkedIn default settings might not be what you want, with information being displayed that you might not necessarily wish to share.

Take control of these settings by hovering on your profile picture, top right of screen. Click Manage next to Privacy and Settings.

LinkedIn has over 40 settings, so let’s focus on some of the more important ones.

News Mention Broadcasts

This is set to ON by default, and is meant to curate relevant content for members. You might not necessarily want every mention of you broadcast, especially if there is some negative press doing the rounds for whatever reason.

Share Your Profile Edits

It is a good thing to have this turned off, especially if you are still setting up your profile and doing a lot of tweaks and changes. You don’t want your work in progress to be broadcast to your entire network.

The best option here is to turn it on briefly when you have big news to share such as a promotion or new job, and turn it off again.

Manage Your Activity Feed

Visible by default, the feed broadcasts your groups joined, people followed, and any other action taken. This is not necessarily a good thing, and can clutter up your connections feeds. It might be wiser to disable this feature.

Select What Others See

When you view someone’s profile, your search is visible to them. Usually this is a good thing, and gets you some visibility and exposure. Sometimes however you might want this to be private. You could be researching a product or scoping out a potential client, employee or job prospect.

Click Select What Others See When You’ve Viewed Their Profile and choose your level of visibility.

Other areas you can modify include access to your telephone number, who can see your connections, and what apps have access to your profile. With regards to the apps, turning off Sharing With Third Party Applications adds an extra layer of security.

This is only a brief summary of the more important aspects of securing your LinkedIn profile. Taking some time to explore the other settings to optimise your security might be worth your while.

Article sourced from Socialmediaexaminer

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